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A Day at Lake Compounce

Did you know Lake Compounce is the oldest running amusement park in North America? I had no idea until we visited the park last week to experience their new Dino Expedition inside it’s kiddie section. Classic parks have always been my favorite and it was really amazing to be walking around a park that first opened in 1846.

Dino Expedition is a path that takes your little ones back to the Jurassic period.  The kids can even control one of the dinosaurs with the push of a button. What I loved about Dino Expedition is that it has a shaded sand box for the little ones where that they can dig up fossils. This is a perfect little place to have some imaginary play in the shade while older kids may want to go on the bigger rides.

There are a lot of family amusement parks in New England so let me tell you four things that I think set this park apart from the others.

1. The first major way this amusement park is set apart from the others is that it has its own campground, Bear Creek Campground. I will DEFINITELY be staying here next time because I would have loved to have been able to go back and retreat for part of the afternoon and then return to the park at night. We all know being at the park under the lights is the best time! The lights of an amusement park is bliss for me.

2.  The second major reason is Illuminate the Night. This very cool laser light show lights up the night sky every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It features a 50-foot water wall that entertains guests with simultaneous synchronized music, projections and lasers.

3. The third and biggest reason Lake Compounce is in a class of itself is that it is home to the number one wooden roller coaster in the world, Boulderdash. I rode Boulderdash with my 8 year old and I was scared for my life. There is something about wooden coasters that are scary yet thrilling. How scared do we look on the ride?



4.  The last thing that sets this park apart is its sky line.  Most parks have some sort of sky line but no park has the Sky Ride like Lake Compounce. This monster of a chair lift was ridiculously steep and high!  I can’t believe that my husband who is afraid of heights actually went on this ride.



It’s true Lake Compounce has some awesome and very unique attractions but if you love the classic rides like me you want be disappointed either.

Here are some of the kids favorite picks.

1. Zoomer’s Gas ‘N’Go



2. Wipeout



3. Bumper Cars



4. The Wave Swinger



5. Ghost Hunt

My son said it’s kind of like “The Haunted Mansion” meets “Toy Story Mania.”  Disney lovers will understand this.



6. Thunder Rapids



I thought Lake Compounce was an awesome park for families. It has a little something for everyone starting from the tiniest little thrill seeker to the American Coaster Enthusiast.

My overall favorite attraction was the 1911 cable car. I just love the nostalgia.


I am planning to go back when the their water park, Crocodile Cove, opens. I will be braver on Boulderdash this time I promise.

*Disclosure- My family was compensated admission to the park for this blog. My opinions are all my own.*

Six Flags New England’s Wicked Cyclone Opens This Weekend

Six Flags New England unveiled one of the most anticipated roller coasters of 2015 yesterday to ACE ( American Coaster Enthusiasts) and members of the media. I was lucky enough to be part of the media day event two days ago.  The Wicked Cyclone is one of only 5 hybrid coasters in the world where wood meets steel.  It offers coaster lovers a number of jaw dropping thrills including:

  • Speeds of 55 mph
  • Two zero G rolls
  • A 78 degree drop
  • The world’s only double reversing bank airtime hill
  • 3,320 feet of steel track
  • 24 different ride elements
  • A 109 foot hill
  • More airtime on a coaster than any coaster on the East Coast


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I will admit that while waiting in line to ride I was a little nervous about the first drop but I didn’t let it stop me. I am so glad I didn’t because no word of a lie this was the BEST coaster I have ever been on. It perfectly balanced the nostalgic feeling of a wooden coaster with the smoothness of a steel coaster. I am confident in saying that one ride will not be enough.

It was pretty cool to be one of the first riders EVER to ride this hybrid coaster at Media day amongst other guests like NBC’s The Biggest Loser Contestant Rob GuiryMiss MA Teen USA 2015, Miss MA USA 2015, Miss CT Teen USA 2015 and my special guests You Tube stars Tyler & Ryan.  Every one who rode the coaster came off the ride with a huge smile.  They also came off with their hair a bit messier than when they went on.


Not only was I impressed with the innovative technology that Rocky Mountain Construction engineer Alan Schilke brought to the East Coast I was also impressed with the generosity of the Six Flags Company and Friendly’s. Six Flags New England donated $5000.00 and 5,000 park tickets to the American Red Cross Of Massachusetts workers. That’s not all though, Friendly’s matched their donation of $5000.00 and also donated 5,000 cartons of ice cream.  I truly admire companies who give back to their local community.

The Wicked Cyclone officially opens to the public this Sunday May 24th. It is for riders 48 inches or taller. What are you waiting for? Go buy your tickets and take the family to ride the Wicked Cyclone.

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Davis Farmland opens its new Moo Town USA attraction

I woke up my boys (ages 3&5) this morning and told them that we were going to Davis Farmland today! They did not seem to share my enthusiasm. The boys had NO idea we were going to Moo Town USA, the new expansion at the Farmland.

They complained all the way there and asked me the same question over and over. Upon arrival at the farm, they were dragging their feet however this drastically changed once they walked over to the entrance for Moo Town, USA. The questions and comments quickly changed to, “Wait we are going in there? WOW, mommy that looks awesome!! I want to play in there NOW”. The boys could not wait for that ribbon to be cut by Moo Moo, the cow!


After all of the children were appointed as honorary postmasters, police officers, and firefighters of Moo Town, USA, the ribbon was cut, kids ran in every direction.

In Moo Town USA, you had the options of playing in the “Cow-A-Bunga Campgrounds”, the “Okee-Dokee-Corral”, and the custom town. “Cow-A-Bunga Campgrounds” offered lifelike campers, a fire pit, a fish shack, and a log cabin which were all filled with pretend play food, gadgets, and utensils. The boys cooked some fish and served it in one of the campers for their “guests”. They kept yelling, “Check this out its so cool!” (A Little different than how our day began…)


The Okee-Dokee-Corral offered the children a chance to be farmers. The boys went from picking up chicken eggs, to brushing the horses tails, to cleaning their cottage, feeding the babies, washing clothes, riding the toy tractors, sitting in the dog house, to bouncing on the cows. They spent a lot of the time hanging out in the dog house with what they called “The biggest dog in their life”. In the middle of the village the children can climb up on the tractor, ring the bell and drive a stationary firetruck, or sit in the covered benches and take a “hay ride”. My boys briefly walked to these, climbed on them but sprinted over to the custom town.

The custom town was their favorite part!!! They got to play in the Furry Friends Vet Clinic, Ice cream shop, shopping market, diner, and a cottage. They went into the market and pretended to be customers and the clerk. Veggies were overflowing in bins, multiple shopping carts, and plenty of pretend food to go around. My boys enjoyed being Vets and taking care of the animals using the doctor kits and medicine on the shelves. The ice cream shop was a huge hit with my boys. They were having so much fun pretending to serve me ice cream.



I have never seen my 5 year old so intrigued and my 3 year old stayed so busy for so long it was hard to pull them away. All of the items offered in Moo Town, USA are child friendly, safe, and especially geared towards children using their imaginations. One of the best things about Moo Town, USA was that there were enough pretend play items to go around without children having to wait for a turn for more than a minute or so. There are even picnic tables and chairs placed throughout Moo Town, USA for the parents/guardians to sit on and observe their children’s minds at work.

This is certainly a custom town where they children can play, explore, and push their imaginations to new levels! We had the opportunity to explore more of the Farmland. The boys played on the playscapes, saw many animals (most of which they could actually pet or interact with) that included goats, chickens, cows, snakes and so many more. We wanted to take pony rides, a hay ride and splash in the water area, however we ran out of time.

That just means we HAVE to go back!!

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Tyler & Ryan to be one of the first riders on Six Flags New England’s Wicked Cyclone

tyler and ryanDid you know that Six Flags New England is opening one of the most anticipated roller coasters of 2015. I will be one of the first riders to the ride Wicked Cyclone on May 20th at Media Day. Oh wait that’s not all I will be riding this coaster with two of the most talented and handsome young men I know! Get this, I will be riding this coaster with Tyler & Ryan.

If you haven’t fallen in with Tyler & Ryan yet you will!  This duo is taking the You Tube world by storm. They were selected to perform for X Factor Season 2 and to audition by the producers of Americas’ Got Talent and The Voice. They also are the winners of Ryan Seacrest’s worldwide cover contest for Meghan Trainor’s ,  “All about that Bass.”

Follow us on May 20th as we thrill it up at Six Flags New England!

Live Young and Run Free at Ramblewild

Hidden inside the forest on the MA/NY line of the Berkshires is the amazing one-of-a-kind experience of Ramblewild. Ramblewild boasts the title of America’s largest aerial park. The best way I can describe it is the ultimate playground meets the ultimate tree house. Ramblewild is the perfect place for families of preteens and teens to unplug and enjoy being together.



Ramblewild was created by Feronia Forests, an organization, dedicated to creating smart, new ways to save our trees. The park is their way to conserve the natural forest while utilizing them to combat Nature Deficit Disorder. Nature Deficit Disorder is a hypothesis from Richard Louv that states that human beings, especially children, are spending less time outdoors resulting in a wide range of behavioral problems. He wrote about this hypothesis in his book, ” The Last Child in the Woods.”

One of thing that sets Ramblewild apart is that it is built from tree to tree. I have seen other aerial parks but they are artificially built. Incredibly, the park was built without one putting one nail or screw in a tree.

When you first arrive to Ramblewild make sure you try the varieties of maple syrup from Mission Maple and the maple flavored Vertical Water. My favorite was the light syrup while my guests was the Bourbon flavor.

I suggest bringing your own pair of gloves that have grips. They do provide gloves for you but even the smaller size was too big for me. You will need the gloves to help prevent calluses on your hands from holding on to the cables.

Before you are able to experience the trails you have to graduate from school. This is where you will get your equipment and safely learn how to use the auto belays. Once you do that you are on your own on the trails because there are no guides.





















The trails at the park are color coded from yellow to double black diamond.  I tried to start at the black diamond but the rule is you have to work your way up starting from the yellow.

Its important to know that each trail takes around 30 to 45 minutes so choose your trails wisely.  I was pumped to make it to the blue trail because of the kick *** zip line! I loved every minute of zip lining over the river. It felt like I was flying.



Each trail has unique elements that are designed to challenge you mentally and physically.  One of the best challenges was jumping right out of a tree to the ground! Many people found themselves hesitant to jump.



Ramblewild was full of surprises and I don’t want to tell you too much because  I think being surprised made my experience that much better. The elements in the trees were like something out of my wildest imagination.  To give you an idea how creative the elements were I will tell you there is a pony zip line. Yes, you ride on a saddle mounted onto a log from and zip line tree to tree. I hollered giddy up the entire ride!



The entire experience of Ramblewild was awesome. Here you will find people connecting the old fashioned way.  You will see people encouraging each other and working together. It’s like a breath of fresh air, pun intended.  I hope all of you take your family to unplug for a while and play together.

Click here for rates and times.


 Staying the weekend?


Since, Ramblewild was almost 3 hours away from us so we decided to make a weekend out of it.

Here are my recommendations while you are there.

1. Have dinner at Powder Hounds Tavern and experience a red neck snow ball. Its  BBQ pulled pork, wrapped in mashed potatoes, deep fried topped with brown gravy and bacon. I guarantee you will be VERY impressed with the menu  and the size of the portions here. #yum



2.  Spend the night at  The Vacation Village Resorts which is directly located next door to Ramblewild.  It has an awesome pool and view of Jiminy Peak. Also if you forget anything you need or are looking for food to make something in your room you can grab your needs at The Country Store.




3. Get some ice cream at Gardner’s Ice Cream.

2015-04-26 10.56.09




















4. Take in the rustic open space and take cool pictures.




Live Young And Run Free


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